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The Soundtrack of My Life

is not so hearable for ppl round me (cos I dont do mainstream, most of the time… ).

For sleeping, for relaxing is the best Ink from Jamin Winans.
Silent, slow and peaceful music full of feelings, with the heartbeat quality.

For long walks thru city life, when you don´t want to hear ppl´s bullshit is best Woodkid with his Iron.

For melancholy, for sadness all round me is the best cheering insanity and mundanity of Fever Ray.

For travel by bus is the best Linkin Park A thousand suns - it is Linkin Park, but not rly Linkin Park, but i <3 their evolution.

For walking around is Serj Tankian with his strangenest, his voice, his anger, his messages bout this funny, funny world.

And soundtrack for long distance car drives to drive the driver to insanity XD
...The best is everything that i like to listen...


Hedonistic pleasure

tento post musi byt v slovencine, anglictina mi nestaci :)

...jednoduchy pozitok skladajuci sa z liskoveho cesta, kecupu, syru, trosinku domacej majoranky

(preco je to ze domace bylinky maju aj nejaku vonu a chut, ale tie kupovanie, su len ako zle kopie?)

na cca 20 minut do truby... a potom jest teple spolu s jogurtom.

kedze som nesoliva, tak vysledna chut bola nieco medzi kyslou, slabunko slanou a chutou cerstvosti, ktoru dodal jogurt.

... total mnam....


The need to eat healthier

for my standards of course (not for yours, not for some dietologist)
Cos when I first saw that McShit salad has so many calories as the hamburger my jaw met the desk...
“hello desk”
“hello jaw”

And I love salads - greek, chef, ceasar. All the greens, all the olive oil, all the dressings. Yummy for me. (I am olive addict), so whenever I go I try to order salad, some are better some are worse (the worst is when the green is willted and brown on the edges).
One of my friends makes a wonderful salad everytime that I visit him. It is so simple and so tasty. so kuddos for him and his patience with my obsession(s).

On the end of the last year I decided to decrease my eating habit of eating meat. Cos I have eaten it all the time, and i think ALL THE TIME, like on breakfast, lunch and dinner. and maybe in between too. And I dont think that I felt any good.

I am trying the gentlest move to it. one step on time.
I now dont eat sausages...
...trying not to eat pork and beef
I only have allowed myself chicken and fish meat
But I realized now that the meat stinks to me and my stomach revolts on the smell of death thing. blergh (even grilled chicken)

But on the other hand, what the hell should I eat? I cant eat salads all days long.
I am trying to find some tasty recipes for non-meat food (that are not so pricey). but its rly hard, like best kept secret out of there.

Maybe the hardcore fans of green eating would lynch me, but I am not going to lose my eating habits of dairy products, honey thingies and eggs. I dont think that veganism is the way for me, because good cheese with mold (not the mold shit-i-left-it-there-for-2-weeks, but the culltivated one), scrambled eggs with spices *yummy*

So I hope that I can and that I can change eating habits in a time.


I realized that I need time to go thru every crap of my life. To have the feeling to concentrate what is the most important for me.

But ppl (mostly family members) around me always ask “did you find new job yet?” “where are you looking?” etc. It sounds that I need new job now, like NOW in this second.

It is rly expected to go searching for new one when I dont really know what I want to do, where I want to move? It is like jumping on bandwagon - you rush to a job that will again suck only because everyone around you yammers bout it, and in 10 or 15 yrs you realize that you are 50yrs old, unhappy and all your dreams are in dumpster, cos you don´t have energy for them.

It looks like you HAVE TO go job (you don´t have a value if you dont have the JOB), earn money, eat, sleep, shit, buy things that are IN like Plasma TV, IPod, IPhone, desinger shoes
that I don´t have the need for, because:
...I do not watch TV...
...I have cell phone that has querty keyboard (and that is all I need now)...
...why the hell should I need IPod?!...
...desinger shoes (so boooring)...

Then you realize that you need to work more because you have need for more expensive gadgets, cosmetics (like 30e for a cream, are you JOKING?!), because you spend more than you earn.

And maybe you realize that you lost some friends by the way, that you don´t have time for your pets, for your garden, for your own thoughts, for your creativity.

And what I need most is mental support from my family, from my friends, and not stupid question (thank you very much)

(and only NOW I realize that I love to ramble...)
(and when someone will ask me if I found my job YET, I will kill him/her)


The Great Non-Sabbatical Maybe Year for Me

Everyone goes on sabbatical :) (or it only looks so).
This is not correctly said sabbatical in the right meaning of word - leave from work you enjoy to see something new, to learn something new and then maybe return to said work.
Because I am running from job that I hate, that ruined my love for everything, for creativity. It leaves me hollow, depressed and I think that I am burned out. For a while (like a year). Running so fast that the end of february couldnt be here faster.
I am in need in decluttering and organizing my life, cos I really noticed now that I have only one try on it. And if I spent it in job that sucks everything positive out of me .. then it would be real schade.
I need to see what I want to do, what I want to be and where I want to move forward.

It sounds so easy but for me who is a 5th of 9 it is hard work to go thru layers of bullshit I´d made around me.

So wish me luck that I can see the light on the end of the tunnel. XDXD


Sherlock 201

After a loong time something that made me crack so hard
That i nearly ruptured something.

Highligts of the show:
1.the total anticlimax swimming pool scene-all fandom gone bombastic
On the ending of this one... And the creators made it the most anti action
Thingie ever .... 1 lol for them

2.the sheet moment - i think that i heard all the fangirls squealllll.

3.irene adler - sherlock met his opponent, in every sense of word.

4.defending mrs hudson... Bad Mycroft, bad.


you are looking forward like little kid to new book of your fav author...

you live thru the time you have to wait, cos the 6hours of time delay...

you try to buy it ... only to find out...

THAT YOU CANT PAY THRU PAY PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* (all the shits and fcuks go there)

thx very much for it, very very much. so till i find which book seller uses (if there is one) paypal, i can only be really very

ANGRY..... AND MAD.....


Real books vs the un-real books

aka dead tree format versus the ebook format

i am totally addicted to ebooks. i love them. maybe its only phase for now, but its the practicality that i love. how much books you can take with you on 16gb memory card? how much you can carry in reality with you? see, thats your answer.
at my little trip to hospital i nearly died of boredom (and pain, but that came after the boredom), and i gone thru like A to C im folders full of books.
aaaand im total fan of the funny epub format - tasty (better than pdf), the fonts are bigger, no swarmy ends of page …

and the plus of paper books
-highlighting and notes in margins (i love both) the feeling that my thinking process is in book is wonderful.
-it could lay open and wait to continuing of reading but by ereader you only get like 5hrs of idlying and then bum bac you have to charge it again before you can read again

after 9 months of using prestigio ereader i can say:
-next time it will be e-ink version cos readying by really strong sun its not really comfortable
-the movie player lags - the sound is faster than the video (so its truly not function that i can use)
-battery - i dont know if iam reading too much (which im suspicious that i am addicted to) but i have to charge it every day O_o go me bookworm

a density of souls by christopher rice

this book reads like stephen king if he was gay. it has the haunting feeling of his earlier works, the same feeling that his son inherited.

it really has the same taste as the beginning of the horns from joe hill... the innocence of childhood lost, something that is in past and the characters have to bear with it. layers of characters, layers of madness. 

it has the feeling that surrounds kaori yuki and her work - despair, sickly sweet fragrance of sin in the air, decadence and the innocent incest mixed with true love...

it shows the strength of women who are not victims, but can tear apart the ones who are staying in their way to protect what is theirs.

it is a real mindfuck, with taste of blood, and happy end which is not a real happy end, only the end of one part of story. 

and i really really loved it, but this one book is like the fountain for me - only small drops thru the year trying not to dimish its strength, its essence.


o mojej tlaciarnicke Epson SX205.
Sice sa hovori, ze nepozeraj darovanemu konovi na dentalnu nit, ale tu sa neda.
EPSON je danajsky dar. Priam na zosedivenie.
Nechapem preco ma tak jebly system pri ciernobielej tlaci sa mina aj farebny atrament O_o do ... tak preco dali moznosti cierneho tlacenia a ciernej naplne ked sa realne ani neoplati? Lebo sa mi tu hromadia cierne carty a cez farebne idem ako zajko na speede tj nestiham ich kupovat.
a to uz radsej nehovorit o tom ako rychlo ide atrament cez cistenie a udrzbu trysiek. 
argh. a to este radsej nezacat na kvalitu skenovania, ktora je horsia ako horsia... 
ccem funkcnu tlaciaren, ktora nezozere toho mrde, nezostane za nou bordel (tj mam asi vrece prazdnych naplni ktore su zbytocna zataz pre ZP), skenuje prijemne a lahko, a nie je jebla...
to je asi ako snivanie o dokonalom zakaznikovi (ktory vie citat, pisat, svoju adresu, mail aj telefonne cislo...)


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